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NOTE: The fees for using Zego are $2.95 for ACH (electronic check) or 2.95% for using a credit card.

For recurring monthly rental payments via ACH debit from your checking or savings account, you may also choose to enroll in the ACH program we maintain with our bank, which is outside of RentTrack and has no fees. Only enroll in our free ACH program if you’ll be able to consistently have sufficient funds in your account early each month for us to draft it for what’s due on your rental account. With this program, we “pull” your rent as opposed to RentTrack, where you “push” it to us. Click on the below button to download an enrollment form in our FREE recurring ACH program. Print it out, complete it, attach a voided check, and submit via email, fax or USPS.  This program takes 3 or 4 business days for initial setup.

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